Handicap betting, particularly the 1/4 odds, commonly referred to as 0-0.5 at W88, is a popular type of wagering in sports betting. This guide aims to provide readers with a thorough understanding of 1/4 odds, explaining its basics and detailing how to effectively place bets on this type of wagering at the reputable online platform, bookie w88 the no 1.

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Understanding 1/4 Odds:

1/4 odds, also referred to as 0.25 or 0-0.5, represent a specific type of handicap betting commonly found in sports betting platforms like W88. In this scenario, the stronger team gives a 0.25 goal handicap to the weaker team to level the playing field and balance the odds between the two sides. This handicap ensures that both teams have an equal chance of winning, regardless of their differing skill levels or previous performance.

To illustrate the concept of 1/4 odds further, let's delve into a practical example involving a match between Carrarese and Perugia in the Italian Serie C league. In this hypothetical scenario, the handicap is set at 0/0.5, which is equivalent to a 1/4 handicap. The odds associated with this handicap are 1.80 for the upper handicap (favoring Carrarese) and 1.96 for the lower handicap (favoring Perugia).

Now, let's break down what these odds mean in the context of the match between Carrarese and Perugia:

The upper handicap of 1.80 implies that if you bet on Carrarese to win with a 1/4 goal handicap, you will receive a payout of 1.80 times your wager if Carrarese wins the match by any margin. However, if Carrarese fails to win or the match ends in a draw, you will lose your bet.

Conversely, the lower handicap of 1.96 indicates that if you bet on Perugia to win with a 1/4 goal handicap, you will receive a payout of 1.96 times your stake if Perugia wins the match outright or if the match ends in a draw. However, if Carrarese wins the match, you will lose your bet.

In essence, the 1/4 odds and associated handicaps aim to provide bettors with a balanced betting option, allowing them to wager on either team with relatively equal chances of success. This type of handicap betting is particularly useful in situations where there is a significant disparity in team strength, as it levels the playing field and makes the outcome of the match more unpredictable.

By understanding and effectively analyzing 1/4 odds, bettors can make informed decisions and potentially capitalize on favorable betting opportunities in various sports events, including football matches like the one between Carrarese and Perugia.

Placing Bets on 1/4 Odds at W88:

Login and Choose Betting Arena:

Login to your W88 account and select the sports betting arena.

Choose the specific sports category you want to bet on.

Select Football Category and 1/4 Odds:

Navigate to the football category and locate the 1/4 odds.

Choose the desired match and handicap option.

Enter Bet Amount and Confirm:

Enter the amount you wish to bet.

Confirm the bet to finalize your wager.


In conclusion, understanding 1/4 odds is crucial for anyone engaging in sports betting on platforms like W88. With this comprehensive guide, we hope you can confidently place bets on 1/4 odds and increase your chances of winning. Happy betting!